Psychological Testing

**Now providing fully remote evaluations**

Western Connecticut Behavioral Health, LLC, provides psychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults. These evaluations can provide you and your providers with diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations. The test protocol is individually tailored to best match each person's needs. Testing batteries frequently include instruments from an array of content areas, including cognitive, social/emotional, behavioral/adaptive, and neurological domains. The evaluator will also collect information from a variety of sources, including parents, school, physician, and outside providers. The testing report will provide diagnostic clarification and easy to read recommendations. Recommendations may discuss services, treatment, educational recommendations and/or placement evaluations.

What to expect from psychological testing

Each psychological testing battery is specialized to the individual’s needs and abilities. Therefore, we are unable to provide exact details about the length of testing. Typically, testing appointments are anywhere from 3-6 hours and most people attend 2-3 appointments. We ask that parents bring small snacks and drinks for during the testing appointments. We will provide individuals with breaks as needed throughout the testing process.

Parents are required to remain in the waiting room during all appointments for minor children. Parents will be completing paperwork while the child is meeting with the evaluator.

For children under 12 years of age, we typically have the parent(s) attend an initial diagnostic interview appointment without the child. At this appointment, the evaluator will gain important information about the child’s developmental history and current problems. When the child attends his or her first appointment, the evaluator will complete a shorter intake interview with the child.

As children spend a significant part of their day at school with teachers, we value what the child’s teacher has to say about your child’s school functioning. As such, we will complete releases of information so that we can talk with the school teacher. In addition, we will provide the parent(s) with protocols for the school teacher to complete. These protocols can be mailed directly back to us for inclusion in the final evaluation report.

We will complete releases of information for all of the child’s providers, including school, pediatrician, therapist, and psychiatrist (if applicable). Please come prepared for the first appointment with the names and contact information for all providers.

After we have completed all of the face to face testing, there is additional information that we must gather and collect from collateral sources. We will then score and analyze all of the psychological testing data prior to writing a psychological evaluation report. These reports are quite in depth and include the individual’s history, presenting problem, all tests administered, diagnosis, and recommendations. As such, a typical report will take approximately 6-8 weeks to write from the conclusion of the psychological testing. We will call families to schedule the report review appointment.