ADHD Testing

Both children and adults can be referred for evaluation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Our clinic’s focus is to assess levels of focus, attention, and executive functions, all of which impact an individual’s performance related to work/school, in social interactions, and when performing other life responsibilities.

ADHD is diagnosed as one of three primary types, an Inattentive Type, Impulsive/Hyperactive Type, and a Combined Type. Using the latest valid and reliable assessment measures, we will evaluate the presence of ADHD symptomology to determine which facets of attention and behavior are impacted. For example, we will differentiate between auditory and visual attention, and performance on tasks requiring basic, sustained, or complex attention. As needed, ADHD evaluation may also incorporate neuropsychological and social-emotional/behavioral measures as a means of ruling out other co-occurring issues.

Reports are generated and diagnoses made based on current DSM-V criteria. Results are often shared with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists, school professionals, and specialists who are coordinating care. We do not prescribe medication here, but will recommend having a discussion with your medical professionals if it is deemed appropriate. If relevant, school recommendations are made, to share which accommodations you/your child may find most useful. Attendance at school meetings (such as 504s, PPTs) can also be coordinated, so that we may share our findings and recommendations with your child’s school team. For all patients, suggestions for coping with and managing symptoms of ADHD are offered in the report, to facilitate day to day activities in the real world.

Please note that ADHD testing is not a benefit under insurance and therefore this service is offered as a cash service paid by the family or the school district.