Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D.

Dr. Biren Caverly has a strong interest in assessment, particularly in relation to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.  Dr. Biren Caverly completed a postdoctoral residency at McLean Hospital, Harvard University, where she specialized in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders who were placed in an out-of-district placement. Dr. Biren Caverly maintains an interest in assessing youth whom others suspect have an autism spectrum disorder. In addition, Dr. Biren Caverly frequently evaluates adults with questions about whether they may have an autism spectrum disorder or fall within the “neurodiverse” community. 


Dr. Biren Caverly believes that evaluations should be based on the needs of the individual child or adult and as such, there are no set batteries that everyone completes. The evaluations typically begin very generally, and as Dr. Biren Caverly gets to know the patient, specific tests will be added that target the individual’s specific needs and weaknesses. Dr. Biren Caverly typically uses aspects of many different types of evaluations in answering referral questions. For instance, Dr. Biren Caverly often includes neuropsychological testing, cognitive functioning, social emotional testing (including projective testing), behavioral measures, and adaptive measures. 




In addition to autism evaluations, Dr. Biren Caverly frequently completes several different types of specialized evaluations, including evaluations in regards to giftedness, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, educational evaluations, and other neuropsychological concerns. Gifted evaluations are often completed to assist with school placement, accommodations, or admittance into various gifted programs. Educational evaluations can assist families with determining if their child requires any special accommodations at school. These evaluations can diagnose common learning disabilities, such as disabilities related to mathematics (dyscalculia), reading (dyslexia), and writing. While neuropsychological testing is often incorporated into other evaluations, Dr. Biren Caverly also provides more traditional neuropsychological evaluations for individuals with concerns including brain injury, stroke, and memory loss. Dr. Biren Caverly has also attended PPT meetings for families to discuss the results of the evaluation and advocate for the child’s needs.


In addition to in-person services at our New Milford, Connecticut office, Dr. Biren Caverly is able to conduct remote evaluations with clients located in the following states:

Alabama - Arizona - Arkansas - Colorado - Connecticut - Delaware - District of Columbia - Florida - Georgia - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Minnesota - Missouri - Nebraska - Nevada - New Hampshire - New York - New Jersey - North Carolina - Ohio - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - Tennessee -  Texas - Utah - Virginia - Washington - West Virginia - Wisconsin

Dr. Biren Caverly can be reached by calling (860) 799-5125 or by email at [email protected]