Testimony Prep

Getting a subpoena can be scary!

If you are being asked (or ordered) to testify, Dr. Biren Caverly can help. With hundreds of hours of testimony experience, Dr. Biren Caverly is an invaluable resource. She can prepare you for potential testimony, assist with reviewing documentation, and help hone your responses. Dr. Biren Caverly can also clarify the differences between being admitted as a fact or expert witness, review potential direct examination questions, and assist you with preparing for the intimidating cross examination. In addition, she can share tips and tricks for looking polished and professional on the stand.

Costs for this service are dependent on your individual needs and timeframe. If you are interested in scheduling a testimony prep session with Dr. Biren Caverly, please either give us a call at (860) 799-5125 or send an email to [email protected].

To learn more about Dr. Biren Caverly's experience as an expert witness, check out CourtroomPsych.com.